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Signage Retrofit and Re-Design

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Explore the  possibility to retrofit your existing sign. Older components of your sign with new possibly dynamic parts to enhance your sign for an up to date modern make over.
Many of the older under structures are still very durable and long lasting. With the proper assessment of your existing sign, Signage & Printing Solutions can propose an efficient, and cost- effective solution for your needs. If your looking to save money, move to more efficient sign maintenance, and prepare your signs for the long haul, LED retrofitting provides an excellent answer. Using just 12 volts, LED’s provide an estimated energy savings of up to 75%. We’ll take your existing sign and replace the interior lighting structure with environment friendly, cost-efficient LED’s. While there is an upfront cost to this internal replacement, the long term energy and maintenance savings are exponential – on average, the life span of LED’s is about 40,000 to 80,000 hours. Lowered maintenance needs also mean a savings in a business’s operational costs.

Signage & Printing Solutions is a full-service sign company that can consult, design & fabricate your sign, arrange for required permits with the city of Calgary, consult with your architects or builder and install the complete sign package. Our professional staff is ready to accommodate your need for quality signs, Call us today and start saving or/and upgrading the look of your centre/business. Job done right and on budget always.