Large Format

64" width Signage
Roland-XR-640 at Signage & Printing Solutions


Printing Size between: 52" x 160' and 62" x 150' long

At Signage and Printing Solutions, We can print Large Format Digital onto a variety of materials from adhesive decals, banners, posters, canvas, and much more.
The different choices mean you get the best possible Large Format Printing material for your application. Our large format printers give you an image area of up to 64” wide by as long as the roll goes and prints at 1440×1440 resolution, Choice of different lamination for UV protection and long lasting colour is also available! Come in and experience the Large Format Printing difference today at Signage & Printing Solutions!

Banner at City Hall
Banner at City of Calgary
Welcome Banner at City Hall
Welcome Banner at City Hall
Post mounted sign at 16 Ave NE
Large Format Printing for outdoor signage

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